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Well, I’m just guessing here — not really being much of an expert on these things (actually none). But here is an idea or two:

When you manually start the script, I assume you are not root. But, I expect that when you fire something off from rc.local, those things come up as if started by root.

Then, there could be things like finding parts of the program due to different paths in effect. Any permissions or ownership problems?

I assume you have gone thru the messages in /var/log to see if anything shows up there. And, dmesg doesn’t pick up anything.

I think, if I was at a complete loss on this I would start dropping in some echo statements (either to the display, or to a log file), and see how far the failed script gets, and maybe why it fails.

Since it hangs at the login, is it expecting some input from the user? And, if so can you change that script to read that from a file (or just hard code the expected response).

If you try to fire it off from a cron job, does it fail there, also? Might be a little difference in what gets initialized after rc.local, and before the entire system has settled down.

I’m out of straws to grasp at!