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The poll results so far this morning are clearly showing where we all are on this topic. When 90% of the people are in agreement, how can the govt ignore them and would they dare.

I admit I’m not up to speed (almost a pun) enough on this topic, so just a couple quick points:

Is it true that data really doesn’t, basically, cost anything, and that we’re just talking about sub-atomic particles flowing through wires?

What about the streams like Netflix slowing down in certain areas due to heavy usage…that must mean there is *some* kind of burden happening, correct?

As another said above, I’m downloading umpteen loads of crap in my surfing daily that I did not ask for and do NOT want. If I have to deal with a cap, why in heck do I have to pay for data I absolutely did not want and was forced upon me.

Agreed with the poster above regarding Libertarian ideals on topics like this. I too am anti-govt interference (unfortunately politics does have to come into play on a topic like this) and I’ve learned over the years that some govt interference is simply required when virtual monopolies and other forms of greed-corruption come into play…else everyone is simply extorted from with a smile.

One of those rare times govt has a duty to come in and crash the party.

So it’d be cool if the show today addressed the above, esp about the actual costs involved: ARE caps discussed because there is some kind of physical burden occurring, or not? I thought all this “data” amounted to something akin to electrons flowing through wires…or photons through optic fibers. (?)