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I changed to my own modem when those people started charging rent. At that time I picked up a DOCIS 2.0 thing that was cheap, and it works fine. Then I had a chance to buy a DOCIS 3.0, which I figured would be better (at least in the future).

That one worked great for awhile, then started to crash far too often. Surprisingly, the MAC address for the DOCIS 2.0 modem apparently was still in their system , and all I had to was swap back to it. No re-activation required.

It bugged me about the better modem not working, and logged into the modem’s web interface. (In my case that is at And found some of the signal strengths were marginal at best.

My cable feed to the modem was off a 4-way splitter, then into a 2-way splitter I had installed when I had added my own modem (the telephone modem still is being used).

In rearranging the cable feed to the modem to not split it down so many times I was able to get the DOCIS 3.0 modem (that had failed) to run 100% great.

If you are experienced enough to check out the cable feeds, you might look at the configuration and make sure you are giving the modem the best signal you can. The splitters that TWC use are better quality than those that you buy from some of the retailers — so be sure if you added any splitters they are rated for the frequency ranges needed.

At least in the Rochester area, TWC does have an online routine for checking how hardware is running. It may solve your problem. Also, they have an online chat feature where you can get good support, real time, from them. I used the chat to report a minor problem with the cable drop line coming in, and before I got off the chat line, the phone was ringing here where they wanted to schedule a repair (which was completed within 2 hours).

Around here, once a month, they go thru and readjust all the line amplifiers — and at times they will screw up and reduce your signal coming in more than it should be. My guess is the internet modem seems to be the most sensitive to weak signals than the telephone modem or the TV sets.

Check your documentation for the CM400 and see what type of diagnostics it has built in. Then, an internet search will maybe give you some hints whether you have a weak signal situation.