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If you are going to buy any wifi add-on, whether a USB device, or a plug-in card, for Linux, by all means research whether they will work with Linux first.

Some manufacturers are paranoid about people stealing their design ideas, and don’t release any driver information. Or, they may release a compiled driver that will work with only certain distributions of Linux. And, with some devices, there may be major hardware changes from one version to the next that can keep them from being usable for Linux.

And, if you are accessing a wifi network with any encryption (and you should be!), setting the connection up may be interesting. There are a couple of GUI-based utilities that make that relative easy, but if you are going to be running without a GUI, it can be a real education getting a link working.

Where you can, using a wired connection probably is best. I have a Raspberry PI 3 (that has on board wifi) with Ubuntu as the OS. Initially that connection was great — then with one of the Ubuntu upgrades, the wifi driver got broken, and now it throws constant errors about packets out of sequence.