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This isn’t really answering your question — but if you were happy with Win 7, why not just roll the update back to Win 7? In other words, undelete the forced update change to Win 10.

If you can, before you do that, run off a good backup of what you have now. I have undone the Win 10 updates on several (4) computers, and in each case had no problems. You have a month window where you can do that, but the sooner probably the better.

Then download a copy of Never10 (from the http://GRC.COM site) and run that. That is a nice little utility that lets you lock out the Win 10 forced conversion, and to enable them again if you want.

As Nick has pointed out, the end-of-life point for Win 7 has arrived and support just isn’t there anymore. But I still seem to be getting updates for my Win 7, and as long as none of those are designed to really break Win 7 (which I suppose is next) you might as well enjoy it.

On the backup of what you just got updated to, if you keep that around then you already have your Win 10 for some time in the future should you want it for free — which it still is.