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Well, on the couple of computers that I did upgrade, I rolled back to the original OS, and haven’t been bugged by MS on those. And, so far on the others here I have been able to stand my ground.

But, to answer your question (maybe) — if you are using the Mozilla products for browsing and email (Firefox and Thunderbird), there are a pair of folders you can copy off that will give you all you need.

On your C: drive, migrate to \Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming.

There will be a folder for Mozilla, and in that Thunderbird, with Profiles as a sub folder. Look for a folder with a strange string of characters and an extension of .default. Copy that kid off.

Likewise, in the Roaming folder, find the Thunderbird folder, then the Profiles sub folder, and then the ????.default folder.

You should be backing those folders up on a regular basis anyhow, right?

If you aren’t using the Mozilla packages, maybe somebody else here can help you out.