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I dislike Mozilla for all the reasons you mentioned as well as their other BS. I think they saw Chrome gaining market share and naively thought they could attract users by making Firefox look like Chrome. The real reason users were switching was that Chrome performed a lot better than Firefox at the time. So instead of differentiating their product like they teach you in business, Firefox did the opposite.

I’ve hated most UI redesigns of the last decade and blame them on the “mobile first” mentality. To make websites and apps look good on mobile devices you inevitably make the desktop experience crappier looking and less useable. The redesign of Google Maps is a another example.

I tried switching to Chromium but realized it would be too difficult to duplicate the 11 extensions I’m using. In particular I couldn’t find anything to replace Session Manager and Clippings. Chromium also took more system resources for the way I use my browser. I have a habit of opening lots of tabs that I plan to read later. Session Manager helps because it can reload Firefox in such a way that only the saved tabs you click on use any resources. The feature is called “restore tabs on demand”. I couldn’t find a similar feature with Chromium so reloading it with dozens (sometimes hundreds) of tabs causes my system to grind to a halt. Also I still favor Firefox for the open-source factor.

I hope Thunderbird continues to be maintained. I like it very much and don’t see as many alternatives as there are for web browsers.