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Christian, when Mozilla came out with the Australis UI, this was the beginning of the end for me. My feeling is that they were not and still do not listen to their long time loyal users and that they alienated a whole bunch of us as a result. And if you take a look at the overall market share for Firefox, it is down around 10% or so. With each release they are losing more users.

I do retain an interest in an off shoot browser that is called Pale Moon.

Slimjet is just a cool browser. It is fast and has added features in it that the Chrome developers refuse to add. I like keeping a bookmarks side panel open and docked on the left side of the window. Slimjet has this feature. I wish that I could customize it a little better and I have asked the developers to consider some additional options for future releases. This browser starts immediately and there is no wait for it to open as their was for Firefox on my system. I have all of my stuff synced with my Android phone and really, after using this for some time now, it is feeling like an old friend. The only Mozilla product that I still use at this time is Thunderbird E Mail client and it continues to work very well for me.