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Firefox has been my default for years. The main thing Explorer will not do with consistency, is “resume previous session” when the puter shuts down or has to reboot for any reason. This alone is a huge drawback. Even tho the option EXISTS under its tools to “reopen last session” it is rarely highlighted so that it’s a clickable option. This is actually a feature I have to count on, on a regular basis; since it doesn’t work, I use the browser minimally.

I DO use it…but I keep it to only one to two open tabs max. I use it to access things that won’t be so cookie-related in other browsers like Firefox, such as an alternate email account in yahoo, so that I don’t have to sign out to access the other account.

Explorer also has a couple other disadvantages, and heck…it’s Billy-boy’s browser. That alone is also motivation enough for me not to use it. Bad enough I’m forced to use Windows due to lower cost.

Haven’t used Chrome simply because the Goober is everywhere, another monopoly I’d prefer to use minimally. My search engine is Yahoo, and although youtoob is great, Goober is just far too pervasive and intrusive for my tastes. I want to be able to navigate without being monitored by just one company on a constant never-ending basis. Although I am VERY glad they are apparently separating Goober Plus from YT channels, which is long overdue.

Still using Opera to an extent but very minimally.