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Virtually every tech product has environmental engineering specs, and Dell was usually pretty good about that. I know for example my Precision 360 was engineered to operate up to ambient 35 degrees. There are also storage temps I’m sure, but that’s the one which stood out in memory. The spec you gave is 71 deg, so that’s a bit much. We can’t say for sure without such engineering specs, but I thought they were generally up to 60 degrees.

Yes, and in case you couldn’t tell, the scientific world generally uses SI units, of which engineering is one disipline. A tip from me about learning SI: you hamstring yourself by worrying what a particular measurement is in some other non-SI units. Obviously you have to do this though while interfacing with non-SI people, like your exterminator who probably doesn’t know the C temp to kill bedbugs, only F.

I offer as a potential solution, which you can consult with your exterminator, of freezing the little critters (in your computer) to death. Especially non-operating, computers deal with cold a lot better than they’ll ever deal with heat. Again, you’ll have to delve into the engineering specs, because there is a lower temp bound too, but that’s typically -20 to -40 (heh…”-40″ happens to be where both the C and F scales agree).