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If ads were moderately sized in terms of byte count and static, I would likely not have a lot of anti-ad machinery in place. But the current state-of-the-apparent-art is that

  1. a good number of them are distracting by being animated
  2. some of them are (as one poll answer says) autoplaying multimedia
  3. a lot of them are inserted by JavaScript, which makes the page shift around as I’m trying to read it

If there were a poll answer choice for “static only” I would have probably chosen that, but as is, I chose “is ‘neither’ a choice?” If you would like to include animated graphics as “media,” I guess I would have chosen “I’d like to block autoplay media files only” I also wouldn’t mind the skippable YouTube ads so much if it wasn’t that 98% of them were the father with the two daughters playing softball and holding tea parties.

Léo Laporte often opines on this on “The Tech Guy” and likens using as blockers to stealing and implies that it’s immoral or unethical. I reply that I guess you don’t record any TV and skip past ads, and you also carefully read through every ad that’s USPS mailed to you. We all try to optimize our time by ignoring that which is irrelevant to us, but if you make it darn near impossible to do that, I don’t feel qualms about taking measures to preserve one of life’s precious commodities, time. After all, time is one of those things once spent it cannot be recovered. (That would require a TARDIS, I don’t have one, nor am I friends with anyone who has one.)

I am currently in a similar circumstance as ScreenScream; I have been without a job for many months. I have previously been a donor to WGMC (and to WBFO & WNED-FM as well), but since I do not know when my next income will be, I have been cautious about donating anything to anyone. (I have lived frugally, so I have substantial savings, so the finances aren’t anywhere near critical, but all the same…) When I’m employed again, I will donate generously to Sound Bytes/WGMC again, as well as one of my friends who does work for MS cure research (and usually sends a request every year).

(BTW…Why is there a note on this page saying comments are closed? I think I can post this comment.)