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Sheesh…first time I’ve seen tempers fly on soundbytes. This is getting ugly!

(And FUN!) 😉

I am absolutely ok with being exposed to advertising, as long as two things are in place: The ads are relevant to my interests, and more importantly, they do not slow down my load times and user experience.

My income level is “below poverty” according to the standards of measure, and always has been. I’m middle aged, have always had what most people consider the lowest-end jobs, and my car is getting hit with a $500 repair this week that is causing me enormous stress…I have no debt, for 15 years now, but $500 practically wipes out what little savings I have and will now officially impact my holiday spending, which is very upsetting. I scrape by with only what I need, and almost never get to spend money on fun things.

Pretty pathetic, I know, but there’s a sorry blast of truth for everyone. (And fwiw, I’ve always tried to climb out of the hole…never stopped trying).

Yet, when I traveled about 8 years ago, I purposely clicked on a yahoo ad, which took me to Travelocity, bought the tickets, and Yahoo made some money off my now 15 years of free service. I did so deliberately as a “thank you for this free service, Yahoo.”

I have been an on/off member of 90.1 ever since 1994 when I discovered them. My contributions are low, ($20 last time) but they are felt in my wallet big-time. I give because it’s the station I listen to 90% of the time, loving jazz and this show.

I am not with Time Warner because they are scum-baggy monopoly corrupt thieving shysters. (Oooooops! Can you print that??)

Lastly, youtube is getting really really bad with it. They are forcing those skip-able ads on almost every video watched now, BUT, a great many of them now are NOT skippable, AND, are ads I have absolutely ZERO interest in. The only reason why I even tolerate the endless insurance ads (I’ve been with the same carrier for 30 years, they’ve been great to me, so no-way will I leave them) is because some FEW of them are moderately entertaining.


Dear Advertisers,

I am absolutely PRO-ads. This is what makes our world of commerce go round and I understand/appreciate that. Just keep them relevant, don’t force them, and don’t slow down my internet experience…and ESPECIALLY don’t embed your clogging cookie crap on MY puter.

(Steps off soap box)