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I’ve been using Netgear routers almost exclusively and until very recently have been very happy with their features and the support from Netgear. However, recently a month or so I updated the firmware in mine (at their suggestion). At that point I started having random (but often) freezeups where a power-down was the only solution.

A note to Netgear simply asking if I could revert to the previous firmware without losing all my settings got me a reply that, since the router was out of warrantee (got it in Dec 2013) that I would have to join their NetGear service for an answer. A one incident answer to a question was going be about $50.

Color me very unhappy with Netgear at this point. I had a TP-Link router (a Archer-C7) sitting here as a spare and put that in service.

The Netgear router was a R6300, and did everything I wanted. The TP-Link one also is good. There are a few differences, but I guess I can live with those. Maybe now I will play with the R6300 and see if I can roll the firmware back, and/or try loading up some of the aftermarket firmware offerings that are available.

I had also played with a Vizio awhile back — and while it seemed hardware wise capable, I found the user interface for configuration was not easy for me to work with.

As far as secure connections on the WiFi, most are not providing WEP anymore. So, investigate that if you do need that for any connections.

I don’t know how you pick one router over another. Even if you read the specs and all the reviews, until you sit down with one and see what it will do for you, you won’t know if it is the right one.