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Sure, but those features have returned in Win 10. Normal left click on the start button replacement, and you get the desktop with the tiles and junk, and a list type of menu running down the left side of the screen. But a right click gives you the nice clean desktop with with icons for what you have placed there, and a menu that is close to what Win 7 (or XP) had.

No question Classic Shell was a must for Win 8. Then 8.1 started the migration back to what normal people wanted. In thinking back to my brief experiment with 8 and Classic Shell and comparing it to Win 10, I think 10 has incorporated most of the features of CS.

To be sure, I haven’t found some old favorites in Win 10. What has happened to the HELP & SUPPORT menu item? And so far, there isn’t much support thru Google for Win 10. Most queries give you answers for 8.1, and 10 has had a lot of stuff moved around and renamed (or maybe in the App store).