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For RacerBob (and others):

I think the switch to Win 10 is going to involve a big learning curve. Microsoft has changed so many of the smaller ‘utilities’, both in what they do, and more importantly in how you find them (names) and what they do.

Since Internet Explorer is gone — I wonder how you will get to some of the sites that demand that you use that for your browser. Case in point, for those that are in the Rochester area, and remember the ‘Fast Ferry’, the only way you could get tickets to that thing was online, and their site demanded you be running IE.

So far, I haven’t found much that 10 has that 7 does not have. And, I think some things that were in 7, you won’t find in 10. Well, maybe at their ‘store’, and maybe on a subscription basis (buy it now, and buy it again, and again. . .).

I run a multi-boot system, and probably will maintain both. May move everything over to a virtual box approach, as soon as I get that so it really knows what my video capabilities (and other hardware) are.