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I will keep you and this forum informed HotDawg. So far I have paid the $10 deposit required and we are working our butts off trying to let our neighbors know about the availability of Greenlight Networks to our neighborhood in this newly formed installation “district”.

I am in the green outlined area on the left side of this map near the Irondequoit Bay.

I am now debating which speed level to subscribe to. Right now I signed up for 100/20 speed. That requires a $100 installation fee and then it is $50 a month. The 500/50 level is $75 with the same $100 fee for installation. Finally, the 1000/100 level is $100 a month, but there is NO installation charge. So theoretically you could get that level for 2 months (2 months commitment is required) and pay the $200 and then bump back down to one of the other speed levels. Because with the 100/20 level, you are going to be paying $200 for the 2 months anyway including the $100 install fee.

Finally, some other concerns exist re: the router that you may be using. On the Greenlight site they mention that some people with Linksys routers that are supposed to be able to run at gigabit speeds are having problems and that Greenlight does not recommend using a Linksys router at this time. My router is a fairly new Linksys that is supposed to be up to the task, but who knows ? I truthfully do not think that I really need anything more than the 100/20 speed level, but I may initially get the top level speed for two months because the cost would be the same.