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I have one Win 7 machine that I might consider upgrading, but it hasn’t been offered the upgrade reservation yet. And neither has another Win 7 box. nor a Win 7 laptop.

Two machines with win 8.1 have received the update offer.

The primary Win 7 machine here has a checkered past. It originally ran XP, then was upgraded to Win 7 Home thru the Microsoft ‘family pack’ upgrade. After that I made a further upgrade to Win 7 Pro using the Windows Anytime upgrade. Both those upgrades were purchased at one of the local warehouse clubs.

When I ran into wanting to do a re-install of the Win 7 Pro, I found it was about impossible, since I don’t have a CD ROM that will install using any of the product keys I have.

I did download, from Microsoft, a CD ROM that would match what I was running, but the product key I have for each version of software wouldn’t work with that (since they were upgrades).

An email to Microsoft assured me I should have no problem, and gave me a phone number to call where their support people would lead me thru the process. That process would start with me purchasing (for money) a new product key — which I refused since I felt I had already paid for what I had. And, they made the comment on that that if I had purchased these upgrades direct from Microsoft, things would be different — but my gripe should be with the people that had sold me the Microsoft upgrades.

Possibly Microsoft is looking now at the installation that I have as not being legitimate.

I don’t know if the upgrade to Win 10 will give the user a new product key, and how that would have to be used should a reload be necessary. Seems like the hole I dig keeps getting deeper.

I have been playing with the Win 10, and feel I could migrate to it — altho Win 7 really seems to cover what I need.

So, I’m not in a real hurry — and if I miss the July 29th wave, so what?