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I keep getting these ads from Frontier telling me Fiberhouse is available in my neighborhood. Sure! The first time I got one I called, and they said I got one the ad by mistake. But they keep coming.

Early on I had DSL. Original d/l speed was 1 meg down. Better than dial-up in a number of ways, but it was when Frontier was trying to figure it out, also. It truly was a learning curve situation for them.

Gradually, I started to see higher speeds, with occasional hits between 6 and 7 meg. Then, suddenly, I was getting a constant 3.0! A call to their sales people said I was paying for 10, and that’s what I should get. They turned my call over to some support creature in Florida that said the 3.0 was exactly what I should see since they had everybody in Rochester provisioned for 3.6 meg.

Their idea was by throttling everyone down, the customers would see higher speeds.

I have been happy with TWC, but they have worked their prices up a tad too much. Waiting for Greenlight to come by here!

It would be good if some of the Greenlight customers posted their experiences here.