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I wonder why for some professions and with some people the expectation is to work for free. Without consent, use of that music is copyright infringement. Some company like Apple can have a promotion, but I don’t get why they expect the artists to participate in their promotion with them. They’ve already done the work, and it’s generally societally agreed that they get paid for their work on a per recording (e.g. CD) or per performance/stream basis. (I’m also saying that doesn’t preclude other revenue models from being used, but that’s what we do now.)

To make an analogy, let’s look at Harbor Freight’s frequent promotion of giving away a small LED flashlight with a coupon. Their reason for doing this is to get people into their stores to see all that they sell/offer, a pretty much standard loss leader. Should the flashlight manufacturer be forced to participate with them by providing free flashlights? I say, I don’t think so, that’s all on Harbor Freight.

Re: Steve Jobs, I don’t think Steve being Steve would have anything to do with it, I think those artists were about at their breaking points anyway.

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