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Another point that’s missed is not only is it free to upgrade to Windows 10, but upgrades to the next versions of Windows will also be free. Charging for future upgrades would defeat the purpose of offering the Windows 10 upgrade for free. They want to avoid having to supporting multiple Windows version simultaneously. They want to avoid another situation where people are hanging on to an old version.

Edit: started writing the above before I saw Nick’s reply. I don’t think the Windows 10 upgrade being free and whether or not they switch to a subscription model have much to do with each other. Satya Nadella has said they have no plans to change the Windows business model. He also said they will keep your device current, for the lifetime of the device, at no additional charge. That seems to preclude a subscription service, or at least a compulsory one. I just read an article in Forbes where they did a comparison to Office365. You can still buy Office the old fashioned way, but the subscription based Office365 offers some perks that make it an attractive alternative. So if they do add a Windows subscription option down the road, it might look something like that.