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After having briefly looked at the preview of this in a VM, my impression is that it stinks to high heaven.

First, it has MS’s search/advertising tool, Bing embedded in it, which I don’t like. The operating system should not be doing data mining for the advert/marketing industries. Period.

2nd… Yes, they are offering it for free to everyone who has Win 7 or 8. But MS is not a charitable organization. Are you going to have to buy a subscription renewal next year to keep using it? AFTER you can’t go back to what you have now? I know they want to move to an annual subscription model for the Office suite. And I’ve heard rumors about Windows.

I have licensed copies of 7 & 8 on several computers. I have already paid for these, and I see no reason to switch to something which seems likely to require an annual fee.

Lastly, they are offering this as an upgrade to licensed copies. Are they going to provide a path to do a “clean” installation? I think we all know how well installing windows on top of itself works out.

I don’t see any great improvement to the UI functionality over Win 8.1, either. But I’ve never had a problem myself learning to use 8. It’s just a bad design, and this ain’t much better. I will grant the multiple desktops bit is nice, though.