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It’s been a long time since I tried to use the Easy Transfer utility. I found it very unsatisfactory for probably most users. Maybe today it has been made more friendly — but in my case I found it would only copy Microsoft products. Since I was using things like Firefox and Thunderbird, it threw a real snit over those. Actually, for moving those, I found the user profile and copied it over, and that worked out well.

My favorite method of transferring things is to boot up off a Linux hot CD, mount both the source and destination folders, and use rsync to do the move. Doesn’t seem to have many problems with permissions and things like that. But that method really requires the user to have a feel for Linux, and many people have not gotten into that.

I assume you are running as administrator — keeping in mind in Windows there are accounts with administrator privileges, and then a real (hidden) administrator account that will sometimes get around permission problems.

Afraid I haven’t really solved your problem. Maybe someone else will jump in here with some better suggestions.