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I cannot deprive myself of a decent TV channel lineup that includes such networks as MSG for watching the Sabres as I am right this minute and Fox Sports 1 for watching motorsports events such as the Las Vegas NASCAR qualifying that just ended a few minutes ago. I am as thrifty as can be, but my wife and myself are the type of people who stay home a lot…especially with the type of winter we have been having this year. So TV and internet are our sources of entertainment and we both work too hard to not deprive ourselves of being able to view programming that we want to watch.

I would not put too much faith in Frontier for their DSL service. If they told you that they can give you 15 down, they are lying as their speed levels are 6,12, and 24 down. And you would be very fortunate to come close to the 12 down if you do not live close to the DSLAM or CO. Time Warner consistently delivers good and reliable speed to me. No complaints.