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No info, but that is interesting. Call them and find out and let us know. I will say that Frontier does have some fiber in limited areas around our community and I will share what one of their managers shared with me via e mail on Monday. I had e mailed him asking about any planned improvements in service here in Webster. Sadly, he let me know that my neighborhood is still maxed out at 6/1 service for the foreseeable future. Parts of Webster have been upgraded to speeds as high as 24 Mbps down. I cannot understand why a densely populated well established older neighborhood such as mine is not slated to receive any upgrades anytime soon. I live a quarter of a mile away from a DSLAM box that serves this area.

Here is part of what the gentleman from Frontier had to say to me:

“* Frontier Communications is continually investing in areas upgrades across the market. A portion of this has been dedicated to capital improvements on DSLAMs thus creating the ability to have speeds offered in residential areas of up to 6/12/24 meg. This does include some portions of Webster, but unfortunately, your particular DSLAM has not yet been upgraded. As you can imagine, Rochester is a very large market, and we are prioritizing and upgrading as quickly as we are able based on a variety of factors. Please note, I will retain your information for the future and inform you when this particular DSLAM gets upgraded. As for now, the current plan is to not have this completed in the near future.

*Frontier is offering speeds up to 50meg. This is being offered in some of our Fiber to the Home neighborhoods. “