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I agree completely with HotDawg.

It all sounds good, but govt are, as we all know, masters at making things sound good, that actually are overwhelmingly “not.”

Funny how it almost always works out that way.

“Patriot Acts” and “Affordable Health Care” neither of which are patriotic or affordable.

The Poll: I chose that I would wait and see. As stated, things are working just fine right now. And normally I’m about 99% against govt interference, however, we have a lot of stupid people/organizations on the planet that just beg for big brother to step in so as to stop that same stupidity (I could go on rants relating to pollution, toxic food additives, etc, but I’ll refrain).

Again, govt will use this as a source of revenue, just like they do everything. The over-pasteurization of milk destroys its healthy enzymes and amino acids…all the govt need do is mandate a slightly lower temperature, that both preserves the healthy components while destroying the potentially harmful bacteria…but they, like so many people/organizations, are just more of the same “stupid.”

So who knows what will happen. But I’d put money on it right now: It ultimately will negatively affect the end user. When does govt interference NOT?

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