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I think one problem is that people mostly use the big social networks instead of individual forums. This other forum I’m on just migrated to Discourse. It works a lot better with mobile devices (which seems to be what everyone uses these days), but still has more features then WordPress (e.g. private messages). Discourse also allows people to login using their existing social networking account such as Google or Facebook. Sort of like the comment sections of news articles. I’m always using a desktop PC so I still prefer classic forum software like phpBB and fluxBB.

I had this crazy idea to send PMs in here using PGP encryption. I could post a message in cyphertext and only the person it was meant for could decrypt it. Maybe that would convince them to add a PM feature 🙂 Or the rest of you guys could just join the IRC channel.

By the way, this link is useful if you just want to check for new posts:

Are you sure we shouldn’t bring back Current Events? Might draw some people out of the woodwork. I stand by my recollection that it was the only frequented section of the old board, and that the main reason this site looks dead is due to its absence.