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I wonder how many of those 1400+ members, given the opportunity, would still be members? Membership buys you the ability to post messages. Anything else? Then, if you aren’t going to post messages, it doesn’t do much for you.

Seems to me, with the old board, it would track what messages you had read. I know that would be a handy feature. Pretty much when I bring the site up I look for messages that have recent times. But, I bet there is a lot of knowledge here in some of the older posts. But, it doesn’t really lend itself to browse thru those.

For those that pop in several times a day, I guess it works out OK. But, how about the casual user that wanders by once a week, or less often. Soon, you are out of it.

I appreciate that WordPress is apparently the way to go these days. But, a lot of effort went into the old board to make it as user-friendly as it was. And, it worked.