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I’ll assume for the moment because you’re talking about antivirus and such you’re describing a Windows environment.

Kind of killing a flea with a sledgehammer, but you could do all your email through Terminal Services/VDI/Citrix. And of course there would be the problem of the extra expense for licensing that. That way, your central TS server could be kept as up-to-date as possible. The risk of course is that if nasty bits do manage to get into that environment somehow, it affects everyone because now the server is infected.

I wonder what you can do with GPOs and such to keep all these desktops up-to-date.

You might consider a Linux Terminal Server too, where most people would agree is much less susceptible to these PDF et al. nasties, if all you need to do is use it to read emails. Beauty of that would be no licensing. There are several PDF readers for Linux, plus Adobe publishes their own for Linux platforms.