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Did a quick search at Best Buy. I’m still seeing lots of desktop towers, so I’m sure you could get one if that’s what you want. As they said on the show, you can always buy an external CD/DVD drive. I think you’d be happy with Apple, as long as you’re not dependant on some program which only runs on Windows. When choosing an OS (Mac, Windows, or even Linux), decide what programs you absolutily must have, and see what OSes they’re available on. Popular apps such as Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice and VLC are available on all. Other times, the apps are different but do the same thing. If you need to burn a CD, do you really care if you’re using Nero, iTunes, or Brasero?

One final thought is that your choice of OS might not be that important at all. Any computer with OS X, Windows, or Linux can run VirtualBox. This free app allows you to install multiple operating systems and run them all at the same time!