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The latest stable version of Thunderbird is 31.1.0. As soon as I open up the program it checks my 6 e mail accounts automatically. What I would do is to backup your e mail and address book(s) using Mozilla Backup. But do not backup your settings or e mail accounts. All of these options can be checked and unchecked in the Mozilla Backup program.

Get it here:

Note where you save the backup file to in your computer. I suggest the Desktop. The file saves as a .pcv file.

Then do a total uninstall of Thunderbird. Make sure that it is all gone.

Reboot your computer and then to a clean install of the latest Thunderbird.

Then set up your accounts. Super easy in Thunderbird because of it’s data base of server names, etc, for many e mail domains.

Then close Thunderbird and run Mozilla Backup. Point it to the saved .pcv file and restore your e mail and address book(s) to Thunderbird.

Make sure in the server settings that if you have pop e mail accounts set up that the “Automatically download new messages” is checked. As a matter of fact, before you uninstall, make sure that this box is checked right now.

I personally have not experienced this issue that you are describing ever and I have used Thunderbird for a very long time.