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I think smaller and cloud storage is the wave were in right now. All in ones are more prevalent because they are easier to build these days. I’m more of a fan of mini computers. Still the same issues with needing accessories like DVD drives but I’ve found with my Mac Mini I rarely use the DVD. in fact it’s in a drawer and only comes out a few times a year. I don’t need a lot of specialty software anymore and most of what I use is free, cheap or easily downloadable. The Mac’s can be pricey and there are cheaper Windows alternatives to mini computers. Mine is three years old now and seemed a little slow in certain areas but after maxing out memory at 16 GB and replacing the hard drive with a solid state, I am sure I’ll be happy for years with it. If it’s affordable and you don’t need a ton of storage, SSD drive upgrades are like night and day compared to other marginal improvements.