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Hi Ray, If you live in East Irondequoit, which is just across the bay from me, you cannot get the internet services that you have mentioned from those providers. AT&T U-Verse is not available in the greater Rochester area. Neither would Verizon or CenturyLink be an option.

You choices for broadband internet service are limited to Time Warner, Frontier DSL, or service that may be provided by any of the cell phone providers using a device that will connect you wirelessly to their networks. Typically, the monthly limits on those services limit your internet usage quite a bit.

So you have the 2/1 $14.99 a month Time Warner right now. How do you like it ? Are they charging you a modem rental fee or do you own your own modem ? I think that for $14.99 a month for 2/1 service that it is a really nice deal. For the average internet user who is e mailing, surfing, and even watching some streaming video, the service that you have should be working pretty well provided that the signal is good and that Time Warner really is giving you a reliable 2 megs download speed.