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Actually, it’s about making a PC clone. If you’re knowledgeable, you sort of have to put your intellect to sleep while you watch it though.

some examples:

A soldering iron might be hot, but it’s not nearly hot enough to cut through a beverage can (aluminium).

Why in the world would you physically remove a BIOS ROM in order to read it? Why would you hand-transcribe its contents onto paper? It’d be far more expediant to dump it, or even disassemble it, directly on the PC.

The IBM PC doesn’t have (only its successors such as the PS/2) a processor with I/O privilege level or nested task bits in its flags register, but these are depicted on a whiteboard. (wellllll….OK, it is possible part of their competition strategy was to use ‘286 chips instead of 8086s or 8088s)

The speed gain obtainable through BIOS code optimization is not likely to be anywhere near a factor of 2.