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I realize this forum is “not very active”, but I’m hoping Steve is still lurking here, as I really have to get to Mavericks.

I posted this on the Apple Support site, but appreciate any insight here:
I have a 500GB hard drive that has 363GB free. There are 2 partitions. One is my working 10.6.8 @ 450GB. The other is a stripped-down copy of 10.6.8 @ 50GB that I intended to keep should I need to run something that requires Rosetta. Then I had the brainstorm: CLEAN INSTALL Mavericks on a new partition [I know how to use Disk Utility to do reduce the 450GB and define a third partition] and leave my working 10.6.8 as is [and delete the copy of 10.6.8 as it would be no longer necessary]. I have both a Time Machine backup and a Super Duper bootable copy of my working 10.6.8.

One of the responses there has only confused me more. I understand it to say that the Mavericks Installer insists on either overwriting Snow Leopard or wants a blank HD. Does that mean I can’t install it to a blank PARTITION? What about overwriting Snow Leopard on my HD as a “normal” upgrade, and then using the Super Duper bootable copy, copy that working 10.6.8 onto a second partition on my HD as the just-in-case-Rosetta version?