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Annoyed, there’s nothing inherently wrong with VOIP. Years ago I had a problematic VOIP service. However, the internet service at the time was also flaky, so I think VOIP needs a very reliable internet connection. My internet service for the past few years has been great. My current VOIP provider is Flowroute, which is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) service aimed at corporations, but their rates are cheap. I’m paying less than $6 / month, whereas with AT&T I was paying about $70 for unlimited long-distance. The quality is as good or better than a land-line. Certainly better and more reliable than a cell-phone.

HotDawg, my parents have DirectTV, and they have had to occasionally remove snow from the dish. Not usually, but in really bad storms it has affected the reception, especially for HD channels. BTW, why couldn’t they have called it High-Resolution instead of High-Definition? Why do companies always need to invent new terms or choose words that have no meaning? An AT&T rep told me they came up with the name U-Verse because customers wouldn’t know what “fiber-optic” meant, but “U-Verse” doesn’t mean anything.

Dan, is Nomorobo customizable? For example, if a number is being blocked that you want to let through, or alternatively, if a number keeps calling you and you want to stop it from ringing again, can it be done?