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It’s just the number of simultaneously bondable channels. Check the tech specs on each to know which does what. The more bondable channels, the higher the speed which can be subscribed. So if you think someday you may want to subscribe to the higher tiers, or may want to go even faster than what they offer now, it’d probably behoove you to go with the ’41.

just found this:

“Hence in the case of the Motorola SB6141, instead of having eight single pipes or channels with each capable of transmitting a maximum of 40 Mbps; channel bonding in the Motorola SB6141 combines all the eight channel into a huge channel with theoretical maximum output of 320 Mbps i.e. 40 Mbps x 8 channels.

“That in fact is the theoretical throughput from the Motorola SB6141. The older Motorola SB6121 on the other hand combines 4 channels to give you a maximum theoretical output of 160 Mbps. Both Motorola SB6141 and SB6121 bonds four upstream channels to give you over 100 Mbps when sending or uploading data.”

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