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DOCSIS 3 brings among other things channel bonding and IPv6.

Channel bonding means that instead of your data going down (or up) a single channel, and having to wait for a timeslice on a possibly crowded channel, you get slices of your data on several channels, effectively multiplying your available bandwidth by the number of channels bonded. With an SB6141, this means IIRC up to 8x the potential in each direction. It’s not that you’ll get this maximum, you’re still capped at the speed for which you’re paying, it’s just that your chance of going below the paid speed is much reduced. If we use the usual analogy of the Internet being like pipes, think of it as lining up 8 “standard sized” pipes in parallel. The capacity is increased eightfold, but the flow rate in liters per minute does not increase; it’s just that if clogs develop, they’re a lot easier to work around until they’re cleared.

And of course, IPv6 is being used more and more, and IPv4 expansion is vastly slowed, what with the last global allocation of remaining addresses happening on 31-Jan-2011. The Buffalo headends are now passing IPv6 traffic, and are handing out addresses and prefixes (/64 sized right now). If you have a D3 modem, you will be ready for this migration. (although, to be fair, it is possible in some cases to update DOCSIS 2 firmware to pass IPv6.)

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