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I have to agree with Dan Warren on a couple of points.

I am running Win 7 as the OS of choice here, but do still have XP up in VirtualBox. I did have a problem a little while back with the Win 7 where I thought maybe reloading the Win 7 might have solved problems. I originally ran XP, then decided awhile back to move on the Win 7. To do this, I bought the ‘family pack’ upgrade option for Win 7. Then, because the scanner I had wasn’t supported by the Win 7 Home, I upgraded to the Win 7 Pro — and that gave me the ability to run programs in XP mode. That was a BIG misteak!

Now to do a reload of the OS (Win 7 Pro) over itself was impossible with the CDs that I had! I did download a Win 7 Pro image, and using that was able to do my reload. But, if I needed to do a fresh install, my product code(s) won’t work. For a fresh install I would need to install XP, then upgrade to Win7 Home, and then up to the Win 7 Pro. Grrr….

As far as the security aspect of the XP. like Dan, I also try to run a tight ship. What I have runs fine with no need for future improvements. As long as there are some free anti-virus/malware programs available, I will do fine. I happen to have currently 3 computers up and running (and connected to the internet) that run MSDOS — and they have been up for months without any crashes. They run some proprietary software that is not available for more recent variations of any OS. Been no problem with any hackers getting into those boxes! As the hackers aim for the biggest target of users, they aren’t going to be writing for the weak points in XP. They will be after the people running Win 7 and 8.