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That is just the problem: I don’t pretend ANYTHING is free, I’m good with that… and for the most part I almost like the ‘Game’ of dodging the freebee bullets. (FYI, I never put freeware on important machines. But just for fun, I have a garage sale lapper that I putter and hammer on.) I always BUY the best for my work machines and servers.

Lately I see deceptively worded install screens that make it seem as if you don’t ‘check’ or ‘agree’ to additional crap the installer will not close the deal. If you are on this forum, I’ll assume that you are a journeyman or expert user… So I’ll also assume that you have gotten your share of calls from that relative or friend to come help shovel out some pile of junk that they tripped over. My grandfather used to think AOL was the Internet. AOL used to, and likely still do, traffic in garbage, nearly malicious bloatware of the highest order. A payload is one thing, tricking people is quite another. I consider it all malware at that point.

The uninstall of ‘Highlightly’ also corrupted my preferred font as it add a special underlined, unrelated character set to the file. For the average user, this is would be a hassle if not costly to repair.

My complaint to Major Geeks fell on def ears, as would be expected.

To answer your question, no, R.B., in fact that Crapware installed as well, if not better than almost anything else that I have tried to stuff into Metro: Driverless, gagging, unusable wasteland that W8 is. My biggest issue is, “Who possibly would think that lighting up someones machine with pop-overs and pop-ups is going to get me to by something?” Tool bars? OK, I get that, maybe a little, but like telemarketers, once you have crossed a certain line your just ticking people off and making a joke out of yourselves.