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The check boxes are not hidden on the vast majority of the free programs. There is really no fine print. As each screen comes up the question is asked if you wish to install another program that is added on. At least that is my experience.The reason why there is so many GOOD freeware programs is because they are supported by the companies that make deals for their programs to be piggy backed onto the original download. Not all of the added in programs are like the one that Slammer experienced. Was that program hard to uninstall Slammer ? Major Geeks does not add anything to the download themselves. But at least they do tell you in the program description page to be aware and shame on us if we do not bother to read about what we are downloading.

I agree that the poor innocent users could be victimized, but it is up to us as consumers to be aware in the same way we hopefully are about any other product. To say that it is almost all some sort of crippleware, etc, is not right. There are a whole lot of free programs available with nothing at all attached to them. And many that I see offer to download and install popular items such as the Google Chrome browser. The latest Java updates make similar offers. The great FREE Foxit Reader also does. We agree to disagree.