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The Transmitter’s Down, But We’re Still Up!

Yes, someone hit a power pole here in Greece, and Jazz 90.1’s transmitter is down. But we’re still streaming live video on Ustream at: Sound Bytes on Ustream We’re also streaming live audio at: Sound Bytes Audio Stream But we only have a limited number of seats on the audio stream (remember, we’re member supported, […]

Pretty Much There…

I like the look now, the forums are working, the poll is working, the Podcasts are working; you can even grab the Podcasts via RSS feed or iTunes with just a click. The only thing not working is the Poll Archive. Not sure why, but it’s way down my list of things to worry about. I […]


Okay; today’s the day I put up the new forum software (at least, that’s the plan…). What forums do you want to see? Clearly, some of them were pretty much unused; what do you want to see to start with?

On Our Way!

As you can see, we’re on our way. We have a lot of ideas to implement, a lot of plugins to wade through, and a lot of customizing to do. Remain calm, and please be patient; we’ll get it done as fast as we can.