No copy and paste required: Mailvelope adds the controls to encrypt and decrypt emails directly into your favorite Webmail provider.

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  1. This add-on for Chrome and Firefox adds buttons to the GMail website in order to use PGP (end-to-end encryption). This means that no one besides the sender and recipient, not even GMail or Google, can read the messages.

    The process to get started is:
    * generate key pair (public & private)
    * submit your (public) key to a key server
    * download other people’s (public) keys

    You can then encrypt a message to someone using their public key. Only they can decrypt the message using their private key.

  2. The history behind PGP is interesting:

    The author got in trouble for giving out a free encryption program that not even the government could break. He got around the regulations (encryption was classed as munitions) by publishing the source code which is protected by the First Amendment.