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SuperAntiSpyware Giveaway Number 2!

IMGSAS60_Main_ThumbThat’s right – we here at Sound Bytes love you so much, we’re giving you another chance to win!

The truly great folk at SuperAntiSpyware have graciously consented to let me give away some free Pro upgrades (first you install the free version, then put your winning serial number in to go Pro). Actually, they originally gave them to me for Ask Nick!, but, with their blessing, I figured I’d put a few here. So here’s how you enter:

Just leave a comment on this post. It’s that simple. Next Saturday morning (13 August), I’ll randomly pick a winner. That way, people who listen to the podcast during the week will also have a chance to win. If that works, I may do it again next week, too.

Oh, and don’t bother to leave multiple comments. One entry per person, and if you comment more than once, I’ll just ignore them.

And, yes, it’s Windows only. But it’s for any version of Windows from XP to 10! And, yes, it’s a one-year license. And, no, there’s no warranty from Sound Bytes, just from SuperAntiSpyware. And no, you can’t get your post back if you don’t like it. And, yes, this contest closes when I pick the winner. And, yes, you have to be a member to leave a comment. But that’s free, so get over yourself.

This is a $30 (well, $29.95) value. THAT’S THIRTY AMERICAN DOLLARS, PEOPLE!

Oh – and if you’ve already won, please don’t enter – give someone else a chance!

The differences between the free and Pro versions of SuperAntiSpyware

17 Responses to SuperAntiSpyware Giveaway Number 2!

  1. Checking in to your site (as usual on Sat AM)
    will take a chance to win…

  2. The show is a great resource for the community.
    Please enter me in the SAS Giveaway Number 2.
    Thanks again.

  3. Good program

  4. Have used it for about 10 years, have it on every family menber’s PC.

  5. Hi guys – thanks for all you do.

  6. The 2nd time’s a charm. Pick me! (Randomly, of course)

  7. Great show as always guys!

  8. What a SUPER gift. Even my ANTI says I should try for the upgrade. (I’ve tried to SPY up a better deal, but I don’t know what to WARE while searching.)

  9. Logged in. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for an informative show guys. You all have a fun sense of humor.

  11. Waiting for the archives to be updated so I can find out who won this week. Can’t hurt to enter again.

  12. Did I win?????

  13. SuperAntiSpyware for free! Count me in!

  14. Rarely miss your informative show but was tied up last Sat. so appreciate this chance. Have used and liked Super Antispyware in the past.

  15. Had the free version for years.Great product!

  16. SuperAntiSpyware is a great product!

  17. Congrats to techageguy – our newest winner!