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Macrium Software – Reflect backup

A disk image contains everything on your disk, nothing missed and no danger of incomplete backups. We know your data is everything when it comes to your business success and we have a great range of software to help. Macrium Reflect provides fast, intuitive and powerful solutions. Take a look at the range and download a trial

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  1. If you need a program to replace Norton’s Ghost I would strongly recommend Reflect. Used Ghost starting in the 90’s was disappointed when they did not support Win10. Looked at a lot of alternatives, cost, complexity and poor reliability knocked many famous names out (e.g. Acronis)

    Reflect is a great replacement offering most of the same features and some new ones of their own. File & Folder, full system,incremental and differential. You can selectively restore a single file from any type of backup.

    Highly configurable, but requires about the same level of expertise to maintain as Ghost. So not a good choice for beginners or people who do not want to go up the learning curve. Have bought two 4 license packages to set up all the PCs in the family, so I am tech support for the wife and children. Reflect’s pricing is much better than Symantec’s.

    I was the guy who called into the show touting this software, write if you have questions. Al amosher4@gmail.com