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Windows Powershell has stopped working

You are most likely infected with Poweliks which typically affects the ability to browse or download files using Internet Explorer and causes PowerShell error alerts. Task Manager typically shows numerous occurrences of (COM Surrogate) dllhost.exe or dllhst3g.exe. If using a 64-bit version of Windows, then these entries will be listed as dllhost.exe *32 or dllhst3g.exe […]

Update to Improve Wireless Mouse Input Filtering: April 12, 2016

Microsoft has released a Microsoft security advisory about this issue for IT professionals. The security advisory contains additional security-related information. To learn more about the vulnerability, see Source: Microsoft security advisory: Update to Improve Wireless Mouse Input Filtering: April 12, 2016

Windows Hardware Compatibility Program

Similar to the Windows 8.1 Hardware Certification Program, the new Windows Hardware Compatibility Program lets you show customers that your hardware is reliably compatible with Windows 10. The Hardware Compatibility Program contains familiar tools and processes that determine whether your hardware meets Windows 10 quality standards. Source: Windows Hardware Compatibility Program – Windows 10 Hardware […]

How do I add an account to Windows Live Mail?

Learn how to set up an email account and change server settings, calendars, RSS feeds, and newsgroups in Windows Live Mail. Source: How do I add an account to Windows Live Mail? – Windows Help

The Agonizingly Slow Decline Of Adobe Flash Player

This story on Adobe Flash was supposed to turn out a bit differently. The idea was to talk with some of the biggest websites still using Adobe’s browser plugin, which has fallen out of favor within tech circles for its constant security issues and thirst for system resources. Maybe they could explain why Flash is […]

Play offline/Save .flv video files from Web browser cache

After watching a video in a Web site, you may want to save the video file into your local disk for playing it offline in the future. If the video file is stored in your browser’s cache, this utility can help you to extract the video file from the cache and save it for watching […]

How do I turn off Microsoft family features?

How do I turn off family features?To turn off or stop using the family features Microsoft provides, follow the instructions for the version of Windows you’re using. Source: How do I turn off family features? – Microsoft Help

Comics by comiXology

Home to the largest selection of digital comics anywhere, comiXology takes comics further with our revolutionary Guided View™ reading technology on all your devices. Start building your digital comics library and lose yourself in the world of comics, graphic novels and manga. Source: Comics by comiXology

How to Convert a Kindle ebook to PDF

Here is our guide on how to convert Kindle files to PDF. They may not look as polished as they did in their native form, but at least you can view them on more devices than solely your Kindle. While you’re at it, check out our picks for the best free PDF readers for viewing the […]

How to Configure Junk Mail – For Dummies

Junk filters use formidable logic and magical incantations to identify the telltale signs of spam. Or, you can train them to identify email you don’t want. It all depends on how your email program implements the junk mail filter. Source: How to Configure Junk Mail – For Dummies

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