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CBS becomes first major network to launch internet TV service | The Verge

CBS is launching a streaming TV service today that allows subscribers to watch live content and classic shows online, without having a cable subscription. The service is called CBS All Access and it’s available for $5.99 per month. Most notably, it’ll let many subscribers stream their local CBS stations — and that means they’ll be […]

HBO Go Without Cable In 2015: Plepler On Subscription-Free Streaming | Deadline

In 2015 a standalone, over-the-top HBO Go service will launch in the the U.S, HBO Chairman and CEO Richard Plepler just confirmed, in a move that had been in the wind for some time. via HBO Go Without Cable In 2015: Plepler On Subscription-Free Streaming | Deadline.

iOS 8 on the iPhone 4S: Performance isn’t the only problem

iPhones have about a year to be top-of-the-line. Then they have a year to be the modest-but-capable midrange model. After that, they become the free-with-contract choice. And then, in their last year, they enter that no-mans-land where theyre still getting software updates but are no longer being sold. via iOS 8 on the iPhone 4S: […]

Google Nexus Player

Entertainment tailored for you Apps, games and more, now for your TV via Nexus Player – Google.

5 Ways to Protect a Folder in Windows

While Windows does not come with support for adding passwords to specific folders, there are multiple ways to protect your files from prying eyes. Follow the steps in this guide to make sure that your personal files are safe from others via 5 Ways to Protect a Folder in Windows – wikiHow.

Get useless bloatware off your Galaxy S4 – CNET

Like pre-installed programs on a Windows PC, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is full of “bloatware,” unnecessary apps and services from Samsung or your carrier that offer no value and often attempt to duplicate what Google (or third-party) apps have already mastered. (AT&T Navigator, anyone?) via Get useless bloatware off your Galaxy S4 – CNET.

AT&T Cramming suit

AT&T MOBILE CUSTOMERS MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR REFUNDS. AT&T Mobility, LLC, has agreed to settle allegations that it charged mobile customers without their permission for third-party services like ringtones, wallpapers, and text message subscriptions for horoscopes, flirting tips, and celebrity gossip. Current and former AT&T customers who paid for unauthorized third-party charges after January 1, […]

The Safe Mac » iWorm method of infection found!

On Thursday, I wrote about new malware called iWorm. This morning I awoke to find an e-mail waiting for me in my Inbox from someone who wished to remain anonymous. This person indicated that he had found installers for the new iWorm malware. He pointed me to the downloads offered by a user named “aceprog” […]

Chase – Customer Security update

We want to update you further on the cyber attack against our company.  After extensive review, here is what our forensic investigation has found to date. via Customer Communication.


See which companies are tracking you via Ghostery.

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