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Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode | Firefox Help

Safe Mode is a special Firefox mode that can be used to troubleshoot and fix problems. Safe Mode temporarily resets some settings and disables add-ons that might be causing problems. By comparing Firefox behavior in normal mode to its behavior in Safe Mode you may be able to pinpoint the cause of the problem. via […]

How to make web links open in Firefox by default | Firefox Help

How to make web links open in Firefox by default If you have more than one web browser, your computer needs to know which browser to use by default. This article will show you how to make Firefox your default browser. via How to make web links open in Firefox by default | Firefox Help.

Symantec Says “Antivirus Software Is Dead”, But What Does That Mean For You?

Have you heard? Antivirus software is dead — at least according to Symantec, maker of Norton Antivirus. But they’re still making Norton Antivirus and want to sell it to you, so what does this statement even mean?Antivirus software is still helpful. It’s an important layer of security. But, now more than ever, you shouldn’t rely […]

Apple iPhone lockscreen bypassed, with a little help from Siri – Tech2

Siri is amazing. Apple’s voice assistant makes a lot of smartphone actions easier, and is funny to boot, chiming in with the occasional joke, when asked the right question. But we are sure Apple didn’t design Siri to be so polite and helpful that ‘she’ would let just about anyone in to the phone. via […]

Frontier Secure : SMTP Server Settings

Enabling SMTP Authentication Online security is everyones concern. Thats why Frontier works continually to ensure that your online experience is as free of e-mail spam as possible. To help with this, we need all customers who use e-mail programs that are not web-based to make a small change to one of their outgoing e-mail settings. […]

How to stop autoplaying ads, videos and media on web pages: stop videos autoplaying in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer – PC Advisor

What to do if you’re fed up with adverts playing as soon as you open a web page. Here we show you how to stop videos and media from autoplaying when you open a website in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. via How to stop autoplaying ads, videos and media on web pages: stop videos […]

The Hassle-Free Guide to Ripping Your Blu-Ray Collection

Blu-Ray may be majestic, but it also has more copy protection than any other format around, and playing it on your computer can be difficult to impossible. Here’s how to rip those movies for glorious HD movies, anywhere you want them. via The Hassle-Free Guide to Ripping Your Blu-Ray Collection.

iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program – Apple Support

Apple has determined that the sleep/wake button mechanism on a small percentage of iPhone 5 models may stop working or work intermittently.  iPhone 5 models manufactured through March 2013 may be affected by this issue. Apple will replace the sleep/wake button mechanism, free of charge, on iPhone 5 models that exhibit this issue and have […]

How to configure scan settings in Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

Scan is an important component of antivirus software which is designed to search for and identify malicious objects. Perform scans regularly to protect your computer from malware and threats. Before you start a scan, you can configure the basic scan settings, specify the desired security level, select what objects to scan, create a schedule, and chose how […]

Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Announced |

The Star Wars team is thrilled to announce the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII. via Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Announced |

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