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ToolWiz Time Freeze

Toolwiz Time Freeze is a must have for anyone who doesn’t want to make any unwanted changes to the system. No matter what changes are made, no matter what happens, a simple restart will return things to the way they were.

Nothing bad can happen to your PC while Toolwiz Time Freeze is up and running. Modifications made to the settings will be undone, files downloaded from the web will be removed, and other unwanted changes will all be undone when you restart your PC. It puts everything on ice so that no unwanted changes can be performed on your PC. You can enter the freeze mode with a simple click and quit the freeze mode with a simple restart or shut down.

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2 Responses to ToolWiz Time Freeze

  1. Dave:

    Can I change the password to log in on this site?

    I estimate that the chances of breaking the present password are slightly less than the number of stars in the known universe.


  2. I don’t see where it works.

    Have windows restore points ,none show in time freeze.

    Have to uninstall it in safe mode , otherwise there is just a constant flashing – power button is the only way to shut down and stop it.