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Google Graveyard

It’s hard to lose a loved one, especially if that loved one is a Google service. That’s why we’re opening the gates of the Google Graveyard, a virtual space for grieving. Buried in these hallowed grounds are some of Google’s ill-fated services. Some, like Google Reader, lived long, prosperous lives, full of admiration and glory. Most, like Google Wave and Google Buzz, struggled to carve out a place in this harsh, unforgiving world where technologies continuously clash and innovation reigns king. But whether these services transformed our productivity or only polluted our inboxes, they all touched our world in some way.

via Google Reader joins graveyard of dead Google products – Slate Magazine.

One Response to Google Graveyard

  1. Don’t fall in love with the cloud. Meteorological science tells us that clouds are both short-lived and beyond our control.