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Easy VHS to DVD – Overview

Transfer VHS to DVD in 3 Easy Steps.

Easily create DVDs and digital movies

from your VHS tapes, Hi8 or V8 home videos

via Easy VHS to DVD – Overview.

2 Responses to Easy VHS to DVD – Overview

  1. Easy VHS to DVD is a little unfinished. There are meaningless “process failed” notices, the instructions are unclear and ambiguous, and you may get half a box of coasters if you don’t know the secret. The secret is that you need to leave space at the end of the recording for EVtD to print some data after the end. If something prevents that from happening, the disc won’t play and you won’t know why.

    The program doesn’t have a function by which you can just view the tape full screen, which I think is a stupid omission. You do get a half-screen monitor window.

    Extremely useful gadget when it works, but its operation is just one neglected, half-executed process after another.

  2. VHS to DVD is really two steps. First, you need a device to capture (record) the video from the VCR onto your computer. Secondly, you need DVD authoring software to create a DVD that’s playable in your standalone DVD player.

    For capture cards/devices, I would look at something from Hauppauge, only because they’re so widely supported, you don’t have to worry about it turning into a paperweight if you upgrade or switch operating systems.

    For DVD authoring software, I’ve had success with DVDStyler (dvdstyler.org), which is free sotware, not to be confused with freeware.